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Welcome To Your New Home

We at Property One Chelsea are committed to providing a high standard of Property Management services throughout your tenancy.

In order to provide you with the best possible service, its important that you understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant, your Landlords rights and responsibilities, and how we as the Managing Agent for the Landlord, require you to interact with our office, so that we can address any matters that may arise swiftly, and efficiently.

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    486 Nepean Highway, Chelsea VIC 3197

    Your Property Manager can be contacted:Email: rentals@propertyone.melbourne
    Phone: 9773 2826 / Sarah 0432 611 003
    Emergency only: James Bell 0400 080 422 / Peter Hansen 0414 622 955


    Quite often we are out of the office on appointments for extended periods of time, if you
    require assistance we recommend either making an appointment or emailing your query so
    we can best respond. If the matter is of an urgent nature always contact the office.

    We require accurate and detailed communication from you when issues may arise. The
    more information you provide us, the easier it is for us to resolve the problem quickly. It is a
    requirement of the Tenancies Act that you inform us of all maintenance at the premises as
    soon as you become aware of (always in writing).


    A very important form when moving in. You will be provided with 2 copies of the condition
    report with photos when moving into your new property. Please sign & return within 3
    business days to our office with any comments you wish to make. At the time of vacating we
    will complete an exit condition report that we compare against the ingoing condition report
    (less fair wear & tear)


    It is your responsibility to have gas, electricity & all other utilities of your choice connected in
    your name. We will contact the local water authority & advise them of your personal details
    to connect the water usage into your name.


    Only the people originally included on your application and approved by the owner are
    permitted to reside at the property on a permanent basis. If a new tenant wishes to replace
    an existing tenant, our office must be informed, in order to complete a new application and
    transfer of bond.


    We offer a direct debit service – payments need to be processed 2 business days prior to the
    due date.
    Alternatively, payment can be made to the following:
    Account name: Property One Sales & Management
    Bank: ANZ
    BSB: 013 264
    Account no.: 4655 23047
    Please use your FULL NAME as a reference.


    At Property One, we have a zero tolerance to rent arrears. By signing your lease, you are
    acknowledging your understanding of this policy and committing that you will ensure that
    your rental is always paid on time and in full in accordance with your tenancy agreement.
    Our procedure for dealing with Rent Arrears is:

    Time Elapsed Reminder Notice
    Day 1 to 3 On Day 1 to Day 3 of rent not being paid, you will receive a text message, phone call
    and/or email reminding you that your rental payment has not been received.
    Day 4 to 9 If you do not contact us immediately to resolve the issue you will be continued to be
    contacted on Day 4 to Day 9 by text, phone call and/or email.
    Day 10 If your rent has not been paid by Day 10 you will receive a text, email and/or letter
    advising that if you rent is not paid within the next 4 days a Notice to Vacate will be issued.
    Day 14 If your rent is not paid in full by Day 14 a Notice to Vacate for rent arrears will be issued
    without further notice and an application will be made to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal
    for possession of the property and all costs involved.


    A tenant is required to notify the landlord/agent of their intention to vacate the
    premises, by providing 28 days written notice.
    A tenants notice of intention to vacate must:
    • Be in writing and be signed by all tenants
    • Give the date the tenant plans to vacate, taking into account the amount of time required
    for service of a notice under the Act.
    • A complete list of notice periods and associated reasons for giving notice is provided in the
    Consumer Affairs Guide that was provided by us at the commencement of your tenancy


    If you find yourself in a situation where you must terminate your lease early, referred to as a
    lease break, the following conditions apply:
    • The tenant must notify the agent in writing as soon as possible.
    • The tenant must continue to pay rent until the property is either re let, or until the
    expiration of the lease, whichever comes first.
    • The tenant must pay all advertising costs incurred in re -letting the property. You will be
    notified of these charges upon receipt of your written lease break form.
    • The tenant must pay all other re letting costs including the landlords letting fee. This is the
    fee that we charge to market and complete documentation for a new tenancy.


    We ask that you report any matters requiring repair or maintenance in writing, and with
    photos if possible, immediately to avoid the risk or injury to visitors or damage to the rented
    property. Any maintenance arranged by the tenant outside our normal business hours will
    be at the tenants cost unless it is proven to be an extreme emergency. The only type of
    maintenance that will be dealt with over the phone is *EMERGENCY* maintenance. You will
    find a list of emergency repairs recognised under the Tenancy act in the red book provided at
    the beginning of the tenancy.


    Please be aware that the Landlords property insurance does not cover your personal
    belongings and it is in your best interest to obtain contents insurance in case of damage or

  • KEYS

    It is your responsibility to make sure a spare set of keys is available should you lock yourself
    out of the property. If we have a spare set of keys you are more than welcome to call into our
    office during business hours to collect our set of keys ($100 refundable deposit required)


    Must be placed in the proper council bins provided. Rubbish placed in boxes or bags will not
    be collected.


    Do not use Blu-Tac or sticky tape or sticky type substances to hang pictures on the walls as
    removal of these usually causes damage to the walls. If no picture hooks are in the premises
    we recommend using Command 3M hooks.


    You are responsible for the lawns and gardens unless specified beforehand. This includes
    watering, weeding trimming and mowing.


    We carry out routine inspections on all properties every 6 months, however the first
    inspection after you move into your property will be in 3 months time. You will always be
    advised via email of the date and time, and the Landlord may also attend. This is always a
    good opportunity to point out any maintenance concerns. If you are not present we will
    access the property with spare keys.


    It is important that all smoke detectors and all appliances are in working order Legislation
    was passed in March 2021 whereby Rental Providers (Landlords) must have gas & electrical
    safety checks done every 2 years with compliance certificates provided to the Rental Provider
    or your Managing Agent, smoke detectors also must be checked every 12 months, by a
    specialised approved Company.
    Many tenants are unaware that in the event of a fire your insurance company may not pay
    out a claim if it was established that a smoke detector was not operation. Disabling a
    smoke detector in a rented premises will make you liable for damage that may

  • BOND

    Your bond is held at the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority & held until you vacate the


    Once you have vacated the premises we will endeavour to conduct a final inspection within
    3 business days. Once we have confirmed the property has been left in a satisfactory
    acceptable condition, your Bond Claim will be processed electronically for completion.



    Check to make sure either the power is switched on or the gas pilot light is on.


    If the water is not hot check the following:
    • Is the power switched on/or is the gas pilot light on?
    • Metre box for either a tripped switch or blown fuse
    • Is system full of water?
    • Has your shower routine changed or increased? (Tank capacity/and or tariff rates will affect
    this). Remember in winter, the efficiency of the tank is less than summer and water will get
    colder quicker.


    Water bubbling out of the ground could be a serious problem and could lead to further
    complications. Phone our office immediately.


    Leaking into wardrobes or any area backing onto the wet area – a regular check of these
    areas is advisable. If the carpet/plaster or architrave is wet, sponge and dry areas thoroughly
    and check again after use of the wet area.
    If left this could lead to serious damage, so please advise our office.


    Do not touch or attempt to investigate, all electrical items need a licensed electrician.
    Check the bulb first and then the fuses in the metre box.


    Check fuse box for tripped switch of blown fuse.
    Check any appliance in use, many appliances in use at the same time may overload the
    system and cause power failure. Garage remotes, check if batteries are faulty or need
    replacing. Some systems need to be re coded when batteries are replaced.